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Welcome to the Point of Single Contact of the Saarland (EA-Saar)

As a service provider, no matter whether you are a company, a craftsman, or a freelancer, you are trying to go into business for yourself? You want to take over an existing business or you need an authorized approval as a service provider? Then look no further, because you can do all this through the “Point of Single Contact” of the Saarland (EA-Saar). From your home or office you can comfortably get all the information and carry through with the necessary administrative procedures. Instead of having to look for numerous authorities and institutions, you only have one step now: To contact the EA-Saar!

Do the Services Directive apply to my company?

The European Services Directive (2006/123/EG) were dismissed in December 2006. The goal was to remove the existing bureaucratic hurdles, which existed between the EU countries; to ease entry into the service market for all countries; and to advocate services between bordering countries. An important tool, for supporting people who provide services within the domestic and foreign sector, is called “Point of Single Contact” according to the Services Directive.

A person providing a service can with ease inform himself or herself electronically about the accreditation laws of the EU-countries. This can be done from a distance and enables you to apply for an approval and receive it promptly.

Release of Information

According to Article 7 of the Services Directive you may receive basic information about the reception and completion of services and also about the laws for domestic service recipients doing business with foreign countries. 21 para.1 of the Services Directive. This way you can paint yourself a picture about the fundamental formalities regarding the reception or completion of a service rendered, according to the responsible authorities or consumer protection.

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  • Indexes, Databases, and Lists
    During the preparation for your project, research in public directories and databases can be vital. The necessary addresses can be found here…
  • Unions and Organisations
    Contact persons from various organizations and Unions, in the Saarland, can be used during the planning and implementation phase of your services. They can help you with hands on support…
  • Legal Remedies
    If something does not go according to plan, you have the option to defend your rights in state or federal courts i.e. defend against illegal actions…

Assistance with Administrative Proceedings and Formalities

There are numerous register and approval procedures, which every founder, depending on his or her type of project, has to go through. We, the EA-Saar, help you the service provider with the following procedures:
  • General reporting procedure regarding business registration, change of registration and cancelation
  • Permission procedures for the authorisation of a business
  • Professional procedures, procedures to register in a profession
  • Procedures for people (e.g. Registering in an index e.g. insurance agent index)
  • Procedures for obtaining information (e.g. application for a certificate of registration)
Methods for the application
For the application process you have a few methods to choose from: You can apply via the EA-Saar, which can be done in person or electronically. If done electronically, it has to be electronically signed after the completion of the document and all the required papers have to be attached and sent to the Virtual Post office (VPS) of the EA-Saar. From there the document will then be sent to the responsible authorities and the result will be sent back to you. Upon request the results can be sent directly from the authorities to you.

Citizen services-Saar ( www.buergerdienste-saar.de )
Here you can administer your applications and documents electronically and you can file them with the responsible authorities. You can also instruct the “Point of Single Contact” to do so.